One-on-one coaching for CEO, and business owners. Profitability is not optional. We support business leaders who need to see improvement in the bottom-line results of their business and in the overall quality of their lives.

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We design a one on one coaching program that will help you develop and follow your roadmap to achieve your ultimate professional and life goals.

Our Philosophy is that profitability is not optional. We understand that you take your business seriously. We support business leaders who need to see improvement in the bottom-line results of their business and in the overall quality of their lives.

  • Far too many business owners create a company but too often it feels like they are working for someone else. They work long hours without taking enough money out of the business. They work for their business, rather than having the business working for them. Above all, they feel alone. They take advice from their CPA, accountant, or family who all mean well but probably don’t have the requisite multi-functional experience to be of real help. An experienced coach can help solve all of these issues.
  • Businesses founded and managed based on conscientiously developed goals and values succeed because they matter to the business owner. Our primary objective is to help you succeed according to your own definition of success. This involves helping you identify your core business and personal values and goals and then creating your road map to achieve those goals.
  • Accountability and commitment drive results. Too many business owners have great ideas that they never get around to executing. We hold ourselves, our clients, our partners, and other stakeholders accountable to strive for continuous improvement in order to reach their desired long-term goals.
  • There is no “Silver Bullet.” Success will only be achieved by dedicated, ongoing effort to execute a well-defined plan toward your personal vision.
  • Creating customer value is the fundamental engine for growing a business. Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but customers and the revenues they produce are the lifeblood of any business. We help business owners create and deliver the highest quality products and services, so their customer base is constantly growing.
  • Companies should be great places to work. Your team should be treated with the utmost respect, which includes ongoing open, honest, timely communication. Your business can be a place where employees (and you) look forward to coming to work each and every day.
  • We are passionate about business and think it should be fun and engaging, not merely a long, stressful climb to the top!


“Much of the progress we have made over the last 8 years can be attributed to Martin’s guidance. His cool head, sound business acumen, and accounting skills have been instrumental to this company’s growth over this time. In short, Martin’s time has enabled us to grow both companies profitably and recommend anyone to speak with him”

Keith Krehel, CEO, Krehel Automotive Repair/ Snowbusters Winter Services

“I have had the pleasure of working with Martin for the last eight years on many management projects at Magestic Systems, Inc. (MSI). Martin was instrumental in the pre-planning, due diligence, and ultimate successful acquisition of MSI. In that time he proved to be extremely creative, knowledgeable, and competent, both professionally and interpersonally.

MSI is a software development company servicing Fortune 500 companies around the world. Due to Martin’s powerful level of creativity and problem-solving skills, he has been instrumental in our success. Martin has strong professional and personal communication skills that are complemented by his thorough knowledge of financial matters, budgeting, and strategic planning.

Over the years he has displayed a commitment to excellence and a conceptual insight that would make him an asset to any organization. Without hesitation, I recommend Martin Brownhill.”

Gregory MacLean – President President - Majestic Systems, Inc

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